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Father Abraham & The Smurfs - The Smurf Song

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - The Magic Flute Smurf

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Dippety Day

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - pinocchio in smurfland 

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Father Abraham's Holiday

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - In The Mood

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Christmas In Smurfland

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Do Smurfs Cry

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - The Clapping And Jumping Song

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Smurfing Land Express

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - The Smurfs All Star Show

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Why

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Welcome To Smurfland

Father Abraham & The Smurfs - Smurfing Tango


Corry Konings - Da Doo Ron Ron, Da Doo Ron Ron

Corry Konings - Baby Face

Corry Konings - Sweet Nothing

Corry Konings - These Boots Are Made For Walking

Corry Konings - I Take It Back

Corry Konings - Walk Right Back

Corry Konings - The End Of The World

Corry Konings - Lipstick On Your Collor

Corry Konings - I'm Hurt

Corry Konings - Blame It On The Bossanova

Corry Konings - All Alone, Am I?

Corry Konings - Let's Have A Party

Corry Konings - I'm Sorry

Corry Konings - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow


Peter Koelewijn - As Tears Go By

Peter Koelewijn - It's My Day Today

Peter Koelewijn - Take Me Or Break Me

Peter Koelewijn - Yeah Man Twist

Peter Koelewijn - Angeline

Peter Koelewijn - Robbie

Peter Koelewijn - Rock Heroes (Rod Stewart)

Peter Koelewijn - Lonnie

Peter Koelewijn - Conny


Ernst Jansz - Blue Morning

Ernst Jansz - Money Makes Millionairs


Willeke Alberti - My Diary Of Love

Willeke Alberti - As Tears Go By

Willeke Alberti - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Willeke Alberti - The Way Of Love

Willeke Alberti - Second Hand Rose

Willeke Alberti - I Dream Of You

Willeke Alberti - On A Wonderful Day Like Today

Willeke Alberti - You And Me

Willeke Alberti - Without Words


Frizzle Sizzle - Everything Has Rhythm

Frizzle Sizzle - Everything Has Rhythm (12" Maxi Single)


Clouseau - Close Encounters

Clouseau - Close Encounters (Piano versie)

Clouseau - Anna


Henk Wijngaard - Hey Suzy

Henk Wijngaard - Six Days On The Road

Henk Wijngaard - Willy The Wino


Bernadette - Sing Me A Song

Bernadette - Make It Right

Bernadette - Little Poor Boy (1983)


Vulcano - A Little Bit Of This


Zanger Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar) zong in de jaren '70 onder de artiestennamen Paul Santos en Ruby Carmichael Engelstalige nummers die geschreven zijn door Boudewijn de Groot.

Ruby Carmichael - Little Yellow Shop

Ruby Carmichael - Big Boy

Ruby Carmichael - Bodega Bay

Ruby Carmichael - If I Knew

Henny Vrienten & Herman Brood - No Ballad

Henny Vrienten - If You Love Me

Henny Vrienten - Wandering In The Dark

Paul Santos - Lift Me Up Higher

Paul Santos - Million Steps

Paul Santos - Love Is A Strange Disease

Paul Santos - Big Boy

Paul Santos - Come Back

Paul Santos - Why Don't We Live Together

Paul Santos - Wishing Wells

Paul Santos - Man With A Plan

Paul Santos - Sweet Wine

Paul Santos - Occapella


Antonie Kamerling - Feel


Rita Hovink - Look At The Mountains

Rita Hovink - Allentown Jail

Rita Hovink - I'll Walk Alone

Rita Hovink, Mieke Bos, Ronnie Tober & Robert Long - Zuid Amerikaanse Medley

Rita Hovink - Chica Chica Boom Chic

Rita Hovink - Sunrise Sunset

Rita Hovink - Buttons And Bows

Rita Hovink - I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)

Rita Hovink - Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)

Rita Hovink & Ted Easton's Jazzband - Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey

Rita Hovink - Blue canary


Frank Boeijen - Cold In My Heart

Frank Boeijen - One Too Many Mornings

Frank Boeijen - Farewell


Teach In - Ding-A-Dong


Mouth & MacNeal - I See A Star


René Froger - A PLace To Live


Normaal - Oh Dina

Normaal - Annie Get Your Gun

Normaal - Just Like Yesterday

Normaal & Zangeres Zonder Naam - Rock Around The Clock

Normaal - I'm Feeling So So

Normaal - Jambalaya

Normaal - Look Around You


The Art Company - Susanna

The Art Company - Susanna (Dance Remix)

The Art Company - Maybe Tomorrow

The Art Company - One Cup Of Coffee

The Art Company - Eileen

The Art Company - The 17th Floor

The Art Company - Get It Out Of Your Head


The Shorts - Comment Ca Va

The Shorts - She Made My Day

The Shorts - She Was So Nice

The Shorts - Some Fire

The Shorts - I'm Singing

The Shorts - Goodbye Don't Cry

The Shorts - She's So In Love

The Shorts - I'm Musican

The Shorts - One Pair

The Shorts - Je Suis Tu Es


Het Goede Doel - Luxemburg


Benny Neyman & Toni Willé (ex Pussycat) - Oh, How I Miss You Tonight


Imca Marina - Sing The Song


Rob de Nijs - Brown Baby

Rob de Nijs - Don't Take My Name (Project "Ten Commandments" Tom Parker)

Rob de Nijs - Soldiers Of Fortune (Project : Ten Commandments" Tom Parker)

Rob de Nijs & Rita Reys - Side By Side

Rob de Nijs, Rita Reys & het Pim Jacobs Combo - New Fashioned Waltz


Ronnie Tober - Ol' Man River

Ronnie Tober - White Chrismas

Ronnie Tober & The Dutch Swing College Band - Bye Bye Blackbird

Ronnie Tober & The Dutch Swing College Band - Who's Sorry Now

Ronnie Tober & The Dutch Swing College Band - Exactly Like You

Ronnie Tober & The Dutch Swing College Band - Red Roses For A Blue Lady

Ronnie Tober & Mieke Telkamp - I Got Rings On My Fingers

Ronnie Tober & 45's - She Used To Be Mine

Ronnie Tober, Robert Long, Rita Hovink & Mieke Bos - Zuid Amerikaanse Medley

Ronnie Tober en Dayén - Il Mondo


Anneke Grönloh - Oh Malaysia (Brandend Zand)

Anneke Grönloh - Melody D'Amour

Anneke Grönloh - A Tisket, A Tasket

Anneke Grönloh & The Hot Jumpers - Danny Boy

Anneke Grönloh - So I Do

Anneke Grönloh - We'll Meet Again

Anneke Grönloh - Home Cookin'

Anneke Grönloh & The Dutch Swing College Band - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home

Anneke Grönloh - Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

Anneke Grönloh - When I Fall In Love

Anneke Grönloh - The Love Alarm

Anneke Grönloh - Happy Days And Lonely Nights

Anneke Grönloh - Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me

Anneke Grönloh - Land of Hope And Glory

Anneke Grönloh - Old Enough

Anneke Grönloh - When The Saints Go Marching In


Herman van Keeken - Girl In The Wood

Herman van Keeken - The Green Leaves Of Summer

Herman van Keeken & The Driftin' Five - (The Story Of...) Mean Woman Blues

Herman & Anneke van Keeken (Herman & Angie) - Sing Me Back Home

Herman van Keeken & The Blockheads - Shotgun Shaker


Trea Dobbs - Love's Just A Broken Heart

Trea Dobbs - Secret Love

Trea Dobbs - It's For You

Trea Dobbs - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

Trea Dobbs - The Wedding

Trea Dobbs - Tennessee Waltz

Trea Dobbs - Move Over Darling

Trea Dobbs, Rob de Nijs, Ria Valk, Marijke Merckens & The Lords – Calling The Stars (Medley uit 1966)

Trea Dobbs - Where Are You Now

Trea Dobbs - My Love

Trea Dobbs - In The Chapel In The Moonlight

Trea Dobbs - I Cry Alone

Trea Dobbs - Not So Long Ago


Karin Kent - I Put A Spell On You

Karin Kent - Love Me

Karin Kent - Tired, Broke And Busted

Karin Kent - Halleluja I Love Him So


Ria Valk - Rocking Billy


Heintje - Mama

Heintje - I'm Your Little Boy

Heintje - I Remember Mother's Words

Heintje - When The Summer Comes

Heintje - All Your Truth And All Your Loving

Heintje - Those Happy Times

Heintje - You Are The Best Of All

Heintje - A Mother's Tears

Heintje - A Happy Lad

Heintje - Every Sunny Saterday

Heintje - Dreams For Me And Dreams For You

Heintje - Let The Sun Shine

Heintje - How I Do Love You

Heintje - Giddy Up My Pony

Heintje - Your Birthday

LP : "When The Christmas Bells Are Ringing" was bestemd voor de Engels markt. Zo werd het o.a. in Groot-Brittannië en Nieuw-Zeeland uitgebracht. Een bijzonder fraai klinkende LP, die in ons land (wellicht) wat minder bekend is/was. Collectors Item!

Heintje - Little Drummer Boy

Heintje - When The Chrismas Bells Are Ringing

Heintje - Silent Night

Heintje - Winter Wonderland

Heintje - O Christmas Tree

Heintje - Jingle Bells

Heintje - Little Toy-Tin Soldier

Heintje - White Christmas

Heintje - O Thou Joyful Day

Heintje - Wintertide

Heintje - Cowboy-Carol

Heintje - From Heaven High The Angels Come


Ben Cramer -  Tulips From Amsterdam

Ben Cramer - The Canals Of Amsterdam

Ben Cramer - Lady Of The Night

Ben Cramer - Amazing Grace

Ben Cramer - Sister Mary


Ron Brandsteder - Nine Short Years


Nick & Simon - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Nick & Simon - Ol' 55

Nick & Simon - Gold Rush

Nick & Simon - I'm Yours

Nick & Simon - Sound Of Silence


Maggie McNeal - Amsterdam

Maggie MacNeal – When You’re Gone

Maggie MacNeal – I Love You This Much

Maggie MacNeal – Blackbird

Maggie MacNeal - Nothing Else To Do

Maggie MacNeal – Nothing Else To Do (Special Edit)

Maggie MacNeal – Night Time

Maggie MacNeal – Fools Together

Maggie MacNeal – My Lovely Friend

Maggie MacNeal - White Room

Maggie MacNeal - Love's Gonna Change It

Maggie MacNeal - Love Was In Your Eyes

Maggie MacNeal - OOH!

Maggie MacNeal - Won't You Tell Me

Maggie MacNeal - Make The Man Love Me

Maggie MacNeal - Only You

Maggie MacNeal - I've Got You (You've Got Me)

Maggie MacNeal - You Are My Hope

Maggie MacNeal - You And I

Maggie MacNeal - Why Your Lady Says Goodbye

Maggie MacNeal - Mother Nature

Maggie MacNeal - Be My Lover Tonight

Maggie MacNeal - Smalltalk

Maggie MacNeal - Sail Around The World

Maggie McNeal - Dr Brain (Terug Naar De Kust)


Franklin Brown - Blame It On The Boogie


Johnny Lion - Svenska Flicka (Engelse versie Sophietje)

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Bonnie Rock

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Ginny Come Lately

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Teenage Senorita

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Devil Woman

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Blame It On The Bossa-Nova

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Count On Me

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Gypsy Woman

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Let's Make Habit of This

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Loddy Lo

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - On My Mind

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - You've Done It Again (Little Girl)

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - I Wanna Dance With You

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Forget Him

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Valley of Tears

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Somethin' Else

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - America

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - America (First Dub Version)

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Come On Home

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Things That Remind Me of Last Summer

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - C'Mon Everybody

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - C'Mon Everybody (Twist Version)

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Dear One

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Judy

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Send Me The Pillow

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - I'll Never Go Away

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Break Up

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - I Like It

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Sweets For My Sweet

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Tra La La La Suzy

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - No Particular Place To Go

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Do Wah Diddy Diddy

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Everyday

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - Don't Try To Fight It!

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - There Is Something To Tell You

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - What Am I Living For

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels - If It's Me That You Want


Boudewijn de Groot - Beautiful Butterfly (Verdronken Vlinder)

Boudewijn de Groot - The Land At Rainbow's End (Het Land Van Maas En Waal)

Boudewijn de Groot - Formerly Venus Flytrap

Boudewijn de Groot - Not Till I Miss You

Boudebijn de Groot (The Tower) - In Your Life

Boudewijn de Groot (The Tower) - Slow Motion Mind

Boudewijn de Groot (The Tower) - Captain Decker

Boudewijn de Groot (The Tower)- Steps Into Space

Boudewijn de Groot (Session) -  Moonstruck

Boudewijn de Groot (Session) - Ballad Of A Minstrel


Dennie Christian - Cracklin' Rosie

Dennie Christian - I Am, I Said


Arne Jansen - Maja


Ramses Shaffy & Group Focus - Watch The Ugly People

Ramses Shaffy & Group Focus - The Shrine Of God


Jan Smit & John Denver - Calypso

Jan Smit & Paul de Leeuw - Perhaps Love


3JS - Boys Of Summer


Mieke Telkamp & Yvonne Oostveen - Whispering Hope

Mieke Telkamp & Ronnie Tober - I Got Rings On My Fingers

Mieke Telkamp - Home Sweet Home

Mieke Telkamp - I Love You, And Don't You Forget It


André Hazes & Johnny Logan - You've Lost That Loving Feeling

André Hazes & Karin Bloemen - I Got You Babe

André Hazes & Kaz Lux - The Thrill Is Gone

André Hazes - With These Hands


Maribelle - In Love With You


Edsilia Rombley - Walking on water (Hemel en Aarde)


Bloom is de voorganger en donor van het Nederlandstalige Bloem, het Engelstalige Teenager en Pymm. Vrijwel dezelfde mensen, echter verschillende stijlen muziek. Band wordt gedeeltelijk voortgezet als Boy Commandos. Zanger Joost Timp is de zoon van Mies Bouwman en de neef van Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar).

Bloom - Don't break this heart (1976)

Bloom - Can I Get You For The Night (1976)

Teenager - Birthday (1979)

Pymm - I'll Fly Away

Pymm - Money

Pymm - Multi Cultural - Babylon

Pymm & The Sav - Girl

Pymm & Electro Cute - You've Got My Name


Bobbejaan Schoepen - Bar With No Beer


Ronnie & The Big Bear - Do Re Mi Fa Sol

Ronnie & The Big Bear - The Big Bear Bump


Ruth Jacott - Make Me A Woman


John Spencer -  Island Of Love

John Spencer - Hello, Good Morning


Maxime & Franklin Brown - Way Back When (De Eerste Keer)


Paul & Peggy - When the schooltime is over (1967)

Paul & Peggy – What About Me

Paul & Peggy – See You Later, Overtaker


Margriet Hermans - Can't help falling in love (1985)


Will Tura – Goodbye Elvis (1977)


Rita Dee (Rita Deneve) - Let me walk with you (twist)

Rita Dee (Rita Deneve) - Gee ! It's great to be young


Marilyn - Kiss me once, kiss me twice

Marilyn - A Little Bit To The Left


The Walkers – I’m Almost Done


Dea Doll – Dance With Me

Dea Dol - & The Bobby Setter Band – Hurry On Home

Dea Doll & Karin Setter – Tell Me That You Love Me

Dea Doll – Carrier, Oh Drive Along


ZZ & De Maskers - Dracula


The Flying Birds - Broken Souvenirs (1978)

The Flying Bird - California (1978)

The Flying Birds - Lonely Blue Boy (1978)

The Flying Birds - Jambalaya (1978)

The Flying Birds - When I Will Beloved (1978)

The Flying Birds - Another Lonely Night (1978)


Marianne - You're So Sweet (1985)
Marianne - The Time Is Dead (1985)


Het Landgraaf Duo - Ebony Eyes (1984)


Highway - Baby How Are You (1981)


The Happy Stars - Oh Boy Oh Boy


Ad en Karin – We’re Gonna Stay Together


Lydia & Her Melody Strings – Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On (1959)


Vulcano - A Little Bit Of This


Greetje Kauffeld - Fever

Greetje Kauffeld - Day By Day

Greetje Kauffeld - Shiny Stockings

Greetje Kauffeld - I Couldt'n Sleep A Wink Last Night

Greetje Kauffeld - Tristeza

Greetje Kauffeld - Vincent

Greetje Kauffeld - River Of Love

Greetje Kauffeld - Yesterdays

Greetje Kauffeld - Tenderly

Greetje Kauffeld - The Greatest Performance

Greetje Kauffeld - Who Knows Why

Greetje Kauffeld - When You Wish Upon A Star

Greetje Kauffeld - World Of Tomorrow

Greetje Kauffeld - The Way We Were

Greetje Kauffeld - Almost Like Being In Love

Greetje Kauffeld - Back Togerher


Suzie - Walkin' back to happiness

Suzie - Johnny Loves Me

Suzie - My Cup Of Tea

Suzie - Don't Let It Happen Again


The Young Sisters - Casanova Brown (1962)

The Young Sisters - My Guy (1962)

The Young Sisters – Playgirl

The Young Sisters - Once More (1966)

The Young Sisters - Give Him My Love (1966)

The Young Sisters - Let's Do The Latin Hustle


Heddy Lester - The World Keeps Turning (1977)


Gebroeders Ko - Jammie Jammie


Het Feestteam - Raise Your Hand Up To Heaven


Louis Neefs - I love you (1969)

Louis Neefs - Iris

Louis Neefs - You make my world

Louis Neefs - Perhaps one day

Louis Neefs - Easy to do

Louis Neefs - Why did you go


Linda Williams – I Am the Lady (1981)

Linda Williams - i'll Bide My Time (1980)